Microsoft Ends Support on Windows 8 and Internet Explorer

Please be aware Microsoft is once again narrowing their product base and is ending support of Windows 8. Further Internet Explorer (IE) versions 8,9,10 have had the support ended as well.

There’s been many different articles on it, but here’s two articles which explain it – including with videos.

Security updates for windows 8 to cease after January 12 2016

Windows 8 Microsoft ends support for 3 year old operating system

Microsoft cutting support for IE 8 9 and 10

Windows 10

In our house my husband and I have both been invited to upgrade to Windows 10. We have both wanted to upgrade but didn’t want to do it without knowing what exactly would happen to our computers. Once we did some research, we found Windows Media Center wouldn’t be in Windows 10. My husband uses it sparingly but has had many problems with it. On the other hand, I use it daily and have had no problems with it. Its very easy to use and does what I want. The problem is it saves in formats which I have to convert the things I record in.

The screen when you updating Windows 10

Finally yesterday, my husband loaded Windows 10 on his computer. We have both downloaded the software but it still took him about 3 hours to put Windows 10 Operating System on his computer. Since then, he’s find that it ‘operates fine and Ok’ according to him. He did say it is easier to transfer things to our Media TV sets, which is an improvement.

Because of my issue with Windows Media Player, I haven’t loaded Windows 10. I have to find software which can record TV easy enough. I’m still looking for something which could fit, but now that my husband has the software loaded it might be easier to find software that fits.


Warning About Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser Security Flaw

Upon getting back from my daily prescribed walk today, I found Microsoft’s IE or Internet Explorer has a major security flaw within its coding. Over the past month, one of the websites my husband’s been using for his

Microsoft's Internet Explorer (or IE) Icon

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (or IE) Icon

genealogy DNA research, has crashed and been rebuilt only for there to be more problems. We do know at one point the person who runs the site said it was DoS or Denial of Service attack, but maybe it was due to this security flaw.

From the range of articles I’ve read, IE versions 6-11 are the ones being targeted with these attacks. In fact, I’ve always told the learners I’ve taught in my computer classes to don’t just use Internet Explorer because it’s already loaded – you should load one of the others that are out there for FREE. Because of the issues with IE and its security flaws in the past, I wouldn’t recommend anyone use the software. However, I do know the places I teach do use this software only because of the ease of it being pre installed on the computers in the teaching lab. However, I always make a habit of telling and handing out students other software I would use.

In fact, Microsoft has issued a security advisory for a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could allow for remote code execution. According to Techspot’s article “Microsoft acknowledges zero day vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer“,

“Microsoft claims an attacker could host a specially crafted website that is designed to exploit this vulnerability then convince a user to view the website. If successful in infecting a system, an attacker could gain the same user rights as the current user.”

Again, so its user beware. Further, remember those users out there that use Windows XP, is no longer supported and so, will not receive any updates fixing that bug when they are released.

IE Security Flaw 2014

Microsoft website snip regarding IE Security Flaw

Reuters has more information within their article labelled “Microsoft rushes to fix browser after attacks; no fix for XP users“. Mashable has written an article as well regarding this problem.

What can you do? The short of it would be to use one of the other free browsers out there. Further, once this flaw is fixed, make sure you keep using one of these other browsers. It safe guards you a bit against someone trying to do exploit the security flaws in IE. I refer to IE’s security features as Swiss Cheese – hard to swallow and for some hard to pass as well.

The browsers which are free are:


Google Chrome



And this is just to name a few….! Please make sure you look after your browsers because if you don’t, you’ll be paying in the long-term.

Updated: I’ve been reading Microsoft will deliver the patch for all versions of Internet Explorer on Thursday, 1 May 2014. This will include Windows RT as well. Further Windows XP, which Microsoft has stopped supporting earlier this year, will have a patch available too.

How do I get the patch that fixes the security flaw?

This is an easy fix – You just need to have your automatic updates turned on, or do an update of your windows software, and it will be updated. This is the only action you need to take apparently. 

To read more, please read the article “Internet Explorer Gets Its Security Patch, and So Does Windows XP” by Lance Ulanoff