Blogging Series- Setting up an Appearance

In a prior post in my Blogging Series, I outlined where to start, how to get a name for your blog, signing up for a blog, and have explained WordPress’ Dashboard and comment control for you.

In this post, we will be going over how to set up a blog’s appearance online.

A blog’s appearance is one of the draw cards to your blog. However, it depends on what the blog is for, personal preferences, and what you can afford which makes it all unique.

To set up the appearance, go to your dashboard and click on the appearance choice on the left side of the screen.

Notice the red circle - this is the appearances section.

Notice the red circle – this is the appearances section.

This activates everything which deals with the appearance of your blog.

Here’s a video where I show you how to get into different screens with appearances or you can read about it below.


There will be a menu which drops down and gives you more options for appearance changes. These are:

Themes – This is where someone has made a template to get you started. You can pick from Free and Paid templates. It’s up to you and how much you want to spend!

Customize – This is how you make the templates yours. Remember, the more you want to customize things the more its likely that its going to cost you money.

Custom Design – If you want to change things in a big way you might need the premium plan which means you pay money.

Site Title and Tagline – You’ve given your blog a name, maybe a tagline or even a picture – make sure it’s on the blog so people know what you blog name is!

Colors & Backgrounds – It’s exactly what it says – changing colors and backgrounds. It’s very basic and if you want a specific color chances are you are going to want to spend some money.

Fonts – Again it’s exactly what it says – fonts. The basic ones are free but if you are trying to use a certain type of font, again it’s probably going to cost you.

Header Image – Do you have an image you want people to know you as? Then use it here – think of Nike and other famous companies with logos.

Widgets – Want to put something that’s completely outside of WordPress? Chances are there’s a widget for it – sometimes these depend on the theme you’ve chosen, so choose wisely young Palawan as Yoda would say.

Static Front Page – this means if you want your front page which doesn’t change then turn it on, but if you want the most recent posts to appear, then turn it off. It’s up to you…

Widgets – These are the widgets which are available to you. From displaying spam, to about me, to blogs follow, blog stats, RSS links, Twitter – they are all here for you to use. Click on Add and add them you go…

The Widgets section

The Widgets section

Menus – Do you want a menu on your site? If so, this is where you put the menu structure in place.

Header – Again this is where you can customize your Header image, tagline, etc.

Background – Again, this is another way you can customize the background.

Mobile – This is to make your site accessible by cell/mobile or tablet friendly. Remember, Google has made the rankings when people search for things dependent if your site is accessible via these devices as of April 2015.

You might need to make a change and then preview the page and go back and forth until you get the site how you want it. This is where I can tell you where things are located, but its personal preference as to how you set things up.

One thing I do recommend, is from time to time refresh or freshen up your blog – in other words, go in and make some changes to make it look new and exciting. Add new or delete old features as features change or new ones happen.

Did I cover what you wanted to know? If not, let me know!

 Your next step for the blog will be talking more in-depth about Widgets. This will be done on the next post in the Blogging Series.