Blogging Series- What is it and why one?

Lately, I’ve had queries through feedback about blogging and all it encompasses it. As I’ve put in my comments back, I would answer these questions via the blog post. As blogging is such a huge topic, based upon questions I’ve had, I’ve decided to do a series on the different blogging questions I’ve been asked.

If you find I haven’t covered something that you want to know, let me know and I’ll include it either as I’m going along, or as a separate post.

Future blogging topics:

  • What is a blog? Why use a blog?
  • Is it difficult to set up your own blog? Are they very technical? Colors/theme?
  • Where do I begin with my blog? Points and suggestions
  • Blogging tips & tricks
  • Widgets for blogs

Did I forget anything? Remember this is a topic suggested by – YOU – my readers, so let me know if I’m covering what you want me to! I will also post this as another page on the blog so you can refer to these topics. I know I go over these when I teach my class on blogging.

blog wordleNow getting down to business…

What is a blog?

Back in 2013, I first covered this topic in my post “Social Media – My View on – Blogging“. When blogging first started it was like a journal. However, now they are used for discussing topics on different things – hobbies, career information, production information, product information, views on current events and the list can go on and on.

In fact, I have 3 blogs that I write for. I can see your eyes now – 3 of them? What the..? Yes, I have many hobbies and views on different things, so I’ve sectioned off each blog. When I first started out, I wrote on one blog and it was just about my uneventful days back in the early 2000’s. Then I took a break I know reading the blogs made ME bored so I could only image what people who read it thought of it.

When I came back 2 1/2 years ago, I took anther look at it and decided, for the most part to delete most of the posts. I think I kept the Happy holiday posts. I then restarted it and found that putting my personal feelings on topics and IT stuff shouldn’t really be in the same place. Why would people wanting to know IT stuff want to read what I think of the current Australia government? Besides IT was career and education things and should probably be put where it was more professional than the personal stuff. This put me looking at WordPress and getting to know it.

The blog count at this point was 2. One for my personal views on things and one on IT professional information. Easy. Only I was finding that I needed to share my genealogy and family history information and hopefully find more family. Great! I’ll start-up a blog about it that way it separate from everything.

Now the blog count was at 3 and this is where it is today.

Why do I need a blog?

Firstly, you don’t need a blog. However, people do use them to communicate and get their products or information out there. It’s a personal decision really. The way I see it it’s like everyone needs a job to bring in money – but do you get hired by either a company or someone or do you start your own company. It’s that type of decision.

Me? I was born in New York State, and I have my views. I used to just blurt my views out there and basically people dealt with them. Now, I’m a bit smarter (blame me working for the state government for nearly 6 years!) and wiser and I will give my views, but usually in a general sense unless directly asked and then I will tell you exactly how I feel – which is why I have my personal blog, so I can blurt it out there and yet protect the people I’m blurting about.

Where do I get started on my blog?

If you are just getting started, sit down and list out what you want to talk about on your blog. Then look at the topics you’ve listed. Are they all of the same topic? If so what is the general topic – and this is you basis for your blog. Each post can be what the topics are or if they are big topics, maybe do a few of the ones you think people are interested in hearing and then start a series or break the topics down into small bites.

However, if you find the topics are NOT connected, then make up columns for each overall topic. The put each of the listed topic in the overall topic column and see what matches. Then you have a decision – do all of the topics match somehow? Or are they different? Do you really want to do all of the topics or can you swing some of the topics around to fit into the bigger topics?

And this is how you figure out what you are going to write and how to narrow what you write or blog about. This will also help you in naming your blog with something catchy but at the same time meaningful which tells the readers what your blog is about.

A sample of what MY topic list would look like

A sample of what MY topic list would look like

I have an established blog but don’t know what to write about?

I confess – I do have this same problem from time to time. This is why I’ve taken to sporadically posting. Sure, I could have wasted everyone’s time and just type up something to waste everyone’s time (remember I said I worked for the government? I got really good at doing that!) but if you’re visiting me here, then I want to make your time worth something.

Now on topics… you can go about these in a few ways.

  • Either you see something on the news and want to talk about it – blam! You have a topic.
  • You heard about something (product, medical stuff) and want to talk about it – well sit down, do your research and blam! You have another topic.
  • You read other blogs or articles online. Something catches your eye as a topic – blam! Another topic.
  • You can also revisit that list you started out with and figure out where you got those ideas and look there for more ideas.

And the ideas go on and on.We are all different and get ideas in different places and think of things constantly. This is one problem of my brain – it just doesn’t stop and sometimes I wish I can pull those batteries right out of that little sucker.

So are you ready to get started on writing those lists up?

question with stickman


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