Would you like 2GB of FREE storage?

I hope that got your attention! For a limited time – until February 17 2015 – you can get 2GB extra online storage on Google Drive. This is to celebrate Safer Internet Day!

Safer Internet Day – what is it and should it matter?

What is Safer Internet Day? From their website, it says “to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially amongst children and young people across the world.” I think it should be “to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile/cell phones FOR EVERYONE across the world.” This is because everyone uses the internet and yet the (I’m going to term this one) more experienced generation who is not as technological savvy needs to know how to be safer and more responsible doing things online as well as the younger generation. That being said, I guess the younger generation is usually how you feel rather than a number, so keep that in mind too!

To celebrate this day, Google is supporting it by offering anyone that has an account (if you don’t have one, then sign up – its free and gives you 15 GB of overall storage for email and file space) and does a quick internet check up an extra 2GB of internet file storage for FREE. We all love free stuff right? I know I do.

What is online, internet, and Cloud internet storage?

Do you understand what online or internet file storage is? Or how about Cloud storage? iCloud storage? Google Drive? Dropbox? These are all the same – its a place online where you can go and put files (pictures, PDF, Word, Excel just to name a few) onto someone/a company’s hard drive instead of either a USB/thumb drives and/or external hard drives. If you don’t know about them, I would seriously check them out because:

  • in most cases you get a free set amount of space – FOR FREE
  • In case something happens to your home, computer or storage device and you need information it’s there and handy no matter if you are at work, shopping, on vacation/holidays, or anywhere in the world. A good example I give would be the 2009 Victorian Bushfires. Houses, land and cars were completely gone. Everyone scrambled for insurance, car and house information and they didn’t know. However, if they had this information scanned in and put into one of these services, they could just asked for an internet connection and gave or shared the information with the person at the insurance companies.

  • It’s easy to use. The companies have apps and/or programs you can put on your computer – when you go to save, just click in this area and choose a file name. It’s that easy – just like saving to the USB/thumb drives or external hard disk drives.

Most people don’t know it’s there even if they have their Gmail accounts. Go ahead and look and use it. Its free, easy and takes as long as saving it normally, so why wouldn’t you use it and you’ll have the reassurance your information is protected from outside interferences.

Why do the Google Drive Internet Checkup?

If you do the Internet Checkup, then it ensures you are protected as best as you can be with your accounts. Its easy and it took me less than 2 minutes to do the check up. The picture below is what it checks out.

What the Google Drive's Security check looks at

What the Google Drive’s Security check looks at

At the end of the month, PCWorld says in their article “Get 2 GB of free Google Drive storage forever with a quick security check” and Google will give you 2GB of extra space – forever. It’s not one of those deals where you get it for a month, 6 months, or a year and then it disappears on you – this is forever.

I seriously recommend you sign up, if you haven’t, for one of the great internet file storage systems out there. If you like your Google Drive, then go ahead and claim that extra 2GB on them!


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