Is Facebook modifying its News Feed Market?

My Experience

First I noticed my Facebook News Feed changed, but I now I’ve noticed the ads have all changed on the sides of the News Feed and within it as well. Normally, I’m indifferent to the changes and move on. However, when I’m doing my Christmas research for gifts for the family, and the ads are showing up with the products in the Facebook advertising when family is at home, I’m anything but happy with this new advertising idea. Why? Because to me, gifts are to be surprises at Christmas and anyone looking over my shoulder at my Facebook account (as sometimes happens when we are sharing notes, ideas and theories about family history and resources) and there goes the surprise. Not happy is putting it mildly.

What’s been reported

In fact, its been reported Facebook’s marketing is in a decline – for those who are not paying. Its been reported by CNET in an article which talks about Facebook’s ” fudge with the formula that picks and chooses the content to push to members in News Feed”. Within these articles, they kept stating organic reach and I didn’t have a clue, so I looked it up. Facebook defines organic reach this way:

Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution. Paid reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post as a result of ads.

Which means the articles by CNet, Adweek and Social Media Examiner are all pointing in the same direction – Facebook is using the paid ads over as for a small business who doesn’t pay for its pages for marketing. Way to go in basically forcing the small businesses to pay for marketing and making all of the shareholders and Mark Zuckerberg richer.

The Future

What do we see in the future? The Social Media Examiner did an interview about internet marketing and what they can see for the future. This is below.

Should you panic if you use this type of advertising and marketing? The answer is – probably not right now. However, if you use Facebook in this way, I would advise you to keep an eye on the amount of sharing and its effectiveness it has for your business because it might – or probably will – fall if it hasn’t started already.


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