Apple fails but so does Samsung

Users common question to me is where do I start with looking for a tablet or smartphone? My answer is usually – what do you want to do with it? This is because usually what you want to do with the device controls what device you want to have. Its the same in desktops and has been that way since the beginning its only people don’t usually get asked this question.

What does this after to do with this week’s fail? Both Apple and Samsung have both gone through problems this past week with reports on both operating systems being redesigned and are not the best. An operating system is the main part of the equipment that runs it and controls your [the user] experience with the equipment. If that’s not up to par then your experience is just going to be crap.

Apple’s iOS 8.0.1

As of today, 25 September 2014, do NOT apply this new update. Why? Its been reported by users, who have done this update, have reported having broken call reception (in other words the call might be lost or the call might not even been getting through) and some of the other Apple specific features are having problems with the Touch ID.

Its not just one media report pointing this out – there are many. Some are : Mashable, The Verge, CNET, DailyTech, Forbes, MacDailyNews and the list could go on.

Hopefully, they will figure out what was done and fix it.

Update: Apple apologizes and offers a work around for iPhone 6.

My Experience with iOS 8.0

I have done the update to iOS 8.0 on my iPhone. I thought it was a ridiculous amount of space needed (I believe it was nearly 5 GB) when the space after installation was less than 1 GB.

Taken from website

I have had a few things on the phone that have decided to go nuts since this update last week.

My songs in the Music app, were all screwed up but trying a few things like online radio and such I finally got the low chorus only music to play normal.

No more tweets being sent to my screen. Its nice to have a quite phone, but I’ve been missing news and motor sport news.

Calendar view they have changed and added some new items to. However, when you go into it, it has the days listed that keep going on and on. I don’t want that – I want the current day only (haven’t they heard One Day At A Time) but I haven’t, as yet, figured how to get it back.

There are more, but it might be a user or personalized thing as well, so I’ll leave it there. But here’s an article on 9 Worst Things About iOS 8 if it makes you feel better.

Now getting back to Samsung... Yes, they have been having problems too lately. As most users would known, Samsung uses an Android based operating system and people have found problems since their new device has come out.

Some are:

Google – They are undercutting them by selling unlocked devices which means no bloatware and directly to consumers. Bloatware is a company’s own software which doesn’t do much really but takes up space (in this case Samsung’s operating system cosmetics system called TouchWiz which is Android with a fancy outer covering of graphics).

Taken from website

Tizen – Samsung’s own operating system which has been delayed time and again. Its not easy launching new operating systems and hopefully it won’t go by the way of Symbian which was used by Blackberry.

Flooding the system with products – I wonder if you shoot enough lead in the air if you will get enough of the market share? Is this what Samsung is after? They have watches, Samsung Note (2 versions), Galaxy S5 (2 versions), Samsung Alpha, Samsung Galaxy Mini…Get the drift? There are more but there’s other things to talk about.

fatal camera flaw on ‘limited number’ of Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy Express internet problem

Custom OS can cause problems

WiFi problems on my Samsung S3 & S4

And I’m sure the list can go on and on. But be aware, you always have the forum’s for help.

And to be fair, you do have the #bendgate with the new Apple iPhone too. I loved some of these pictures and take off’s that have happened since its release.

As Tweeted by someecards

Just be aware no matter what you buy technology can always have a glitch. It doesn’t matter what it is because, after all, remember humans made it.


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