How do I make my iPhone more secure?

Mobile computing with smartphones is one of the main ways we obtain information. Almost everyone has a smartphone and does searching on it to make informed decisions. However, how many of us actually have the phone set up so it makes it more difficult for hackers to get in?

Hacker proof – what’s in a term?

I will not say hacker proof because that term is very misleading. As soon as you think it cannot be gotten into, the hackers of the world out there are already working on how to get around the settings you have confidently put in place and then guess what? Once they get around them, then you will not be hacker proof anymore. Therefore, I respectfully will not use the term because its limited to being that way for long.

How can you tighten access to your iPhone/iPad?

iPhone and iPad

Smart mobile devices

There are many different ways to tighten access on phones. These are the basics that I have come across in the past 6 months or so. I won’t be covering passwords and that access, but just the basic steps in keeping information on your iPhone as secure as you can.These can be used with iPads as well.

1. Change the simple passcode (4 number passcode) to a complex one using alphanumeric characters. If you do not have a passcode on your devices, then you should put one.

2. Limit your ad tracking by turning this off on your devices. This has to do with advertising and they keep track of where you are with the apps which look at your locations and use that to advertise on your device.

3. From time to time, reset your Advertising Identifier. Think of it as cleaning out your cookies on your computer but its on your mobile devices.

4. Limit access to your location and the apps that use the Frequent Location settings (its under general settings – privacy – location services – system services – frequent location settings). Also in the System Services, make sure only the things you want access location information which are automatically on the device when you purchased it. This may change due to updates with the iOS software.

Privacy Setting panel

iPhone’s Privacy Setting panel

5. Make sure only the apps you want are capturing location data in location services. This might also make your battery last longer as well. This is because some apps keep searching for your location when it is turned on. The more things searching will make your battery drain quicker.

6. The naming of your device – don’t make it so specific to you as people can use this to track you and even get to know your habits if you are easily traceable. This is under general settings – general – about – name. When you click on the name, you can then change it.

7. Make sure your Bluetooth or HotSpot is off. If you do use these make sure you turn them off right after you use them.

Simple Vault app

Snapshot of Simple Vault app

8. Download Simple Vault 1.2. This is software you can download and it will add a layer of protection to your device by putting a password on each app and will then allow you to store sensitive info on it. Disclaimer: I have never used this software, but it might be worth it for those people who work on the run and use their smartphone like some of us use our main computers. Extra protection is sometimes better than not if you use your device that way.

I found some of this information on a CNNMoney article by Laurie Segall entitled “Hackers show how to protect your iPhone” and an Intelius article titled “How to Hack-Proof Your Smartphone“.

Below is a video of the CNN’s article with some tips and hints that are mentioned above.


Did I cover all the main basics? If not, share some of your tips in the comment section. I’m always looking for tips as they keep changing.


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