Is Windows 9 is coming…?

Here it is April 2014 as I write this. I’ve been reading many different articles out there about Windows 9 that is going to appear in early 2015. But is it…? That’s the question.

Apparently there have been leaks out of Microsoft about a new version showing up. However, can we be sure? I’ve read enough and experienced enough (including talking to many different users out there) of Windows 8

Wikipedia site states Windows market share

Wikipedia states Windows market share

and 8.1 to know just mentioning Windows 8 or 8.1 and people shutter or start to curse. Needless to say, not many I’ve talked to had a good thing to say about it. I have used it when forced to, but not all day everyday like some others that have used it. I have even talked to other trainers about it and one said its not bad while the other one admitted to wanting to sit in the corner for awhile after using it, but after a month, she got used to how to use it.  To me, a piece of software that makes you want to sit in the corner, should be banned and outlawed. Nothing was worth that. I have experienced something like it but it was because I was at college and I had to make a program to do certain things and I was having a hard time with doing that. While the two are programs, one was the development side whereas the other was a user’s side. The user’s side should contain software that is instinctive and makes sense in where you go looking for things. If a program does not do that, then the programmers should redesign it until it is. Its that simple. The easier it is to use the more users will want to use it and will talk to others about it. Windows was getting this type of talk but it was the bad kind – do not use.

Usually when talk gets to the point where users are being told not to use it or they do take a chance on it but then return the computer to the store, there’s a problem. I think Microsoft knows this and is now stepping away from Windows 8 as its labelled as a bad batch of apples. I do agree with the name the new operating system that is coming out will be Windows 9. However, I think Microsoft was in development for Windows 8.2 and was hoping the talk would get better once users used it and now it has Windows 8.2 out there and they have probably had someone catalog every hateful thing said about the software and have another group of programmers looking at what they have and how they can change it, so users will love it. That being said, I do believe there will be a Windows 8.2 coming out but it won’t be out long before Windows 9 shows up. Its like how Windows Vista and Windows 7 were released within 6 months of each other. I believe this will be the same.

According to multiple sources (Mashable, techradar, techadvisor) the following is the timeline I’m able to say will be when Microsoft will put out Windows 9. This is not a certainty but more of a guess.

Image taken from article

Image taken from article

April 2014 – “Threshold”, also called Build 2014, will be mentioned at the Microsoft build developer conference

Early/Mid 2014 – pre-beta version of Windows Developer Preview 9

June-August 2014 – single beta of Windows 9 released

August-September 2014 – Microsoft to release Candidate version of Windows 9

By end of October 2014 – Retail version of Windows 9 shipped and in stores for Christmas 2014  (if it makes it, if not it will be probably April 2015)

Mid/Late 2014 – Windows 8.2 may arrive

April 2015 – Windows 9 arrives

As you can see, its a mad rush if the developers and testers plan on finishing for Christmas, which I think is doubtful. If there is an 8.2 that will probably make it to stores by Christmas but I wouldn’t hold my breath on this either.

The other talked about item with concern for Windows 9, besides what they will fix and what they will bring back, is the price. If they price it too high no one will buy it otherwise, it could flop even if its a great product. I know one of the big things that was causing us here at home not to upgrade our computers was the cost of the software. I couldn’t understand why they thought they could still charge us over $800 for an operating system which has only upgrades to what we were currently using. There was nothing big that they had changed but they still expected us to pay a high amount for the development costs which would have been low for this product by that point. The articles I’ve quote above in the timeline, don’t have an idea of the cost but we’re hoping its not a high one.



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