Apple’s Problems & the new iPhone

As those of us, who read online blogs and articles, are aware Apple knows of its faults and what they need to do to keep customers happy – and they know they are not doing it. How do they know this? Apple and Samsung are in trials due to patent issues. To put it briefly, issues stem from designs that have been used in smartphones and tablets – Apple says Samsung is using their patents with a different operating system and Samsung states they have been testing the new equipment out with the new operating system and all Apple did was beat them to market. When this started, Apple was in a war with Motorola about patents as well. To read more about this, please look at this Wikipedia page regarding Apple Inc v. Samsung Electronics to learn more about it.

Update: Apple & Samsung have apparently decided to cancel patent lawsuits against each other. Samsung has cancelled all lawsuits, as per the agreement, but Apple has cancelled any new lawsuits but is still going ahead with the lawsuits that are in the courts. To read about this some more, Business Insider Australia has written an article about it.

I have written in this blog in the past regarding how Apple’s handhold on smart phones and tables are slipping and now, leaked internal Apple slides back this up. These slides were taken from the article “Apple admits problems with iPhone in leaked documents” from

Leaked Apple slide from

Leaked Apple slide on market share slipping from

I’m glad to see the those of us who talk to others in the world are still getting the correct feedback from users. Now the next question (and what I’ve been asking about) is what is Apple going to do to get that market share back? This is the real question that I want to know the answer to. In another leaked slide, obtained from the same source as the one above, Apple actually does acknowledge it knows where its gone wrong.

Apple admits consumers wants are not in Apple products.

Apple admits consumers want what the Apple products don’t currently have.

I guess its going to be a waiting game to find out if Apple’s going to listen to their consumers and give them the bigger screens. This question leads me to the next Apple smartphone or products part of this article.

iPhone 6 yes or no?

I’m not one to speculate on the new items coming out, I only give my views on what I consider credible information for technology coming out and this leads me to iPhone 6. We know if Apple’s promotion by what they have been doing the past few years, we will be getting at least 1 new iPhone and 1 new tablet this year.  This is a fact I can say with certainty, after the amount of year’s Apple’s been known to do their big promotion – which is usually in the last half of the year.

Yes, I have heard the rumours this year is slated to be earlier and the name will be the iPhone 6. Is this certain? No as Apple has not released, to my knowledge, any of this information. However, based upon my love of gadgets, I hope, if the mobile or cell devices I’ve named above, I hope they come out with something that will wow us.

Update: Since I wrote this, Yahoo is reporting the new iPhone will have a larger screen as leaked by an insider worker. This picture is below. I’m only posting it here, because there is a picture, which is more fact than fiction – usually (there are doctored pictures out there)…

Rumours or fact?

Again, I have not heard or read anything from Apple themselves stating what is going to be released this year, so I have to say the articles I’m listing below can only be rumours – for now. For those of you who want to read what others are stating about the “new and upcoming” Apple products please feel free to read these articles.

Please be aware that some of these articles will be updated by the individual pages themselves to keep everyone on top of what these people have heard.

iPhone 6 – release date, specs and features by Know Your Mobile

iPhone 6 release date, news and rumors by Tech Radar.phones

The iPhone 6: Every rumor about the specs, release date, and size of Apple’s next smartphone by CNET

In some ways, I hope that some of these rumours are true. However, I just want something that is light, stylish, it fits in my purse and hand without problems, and it would be handy if it wouldn’t matter if you drop it by accident or a bit of rain won’t ruin it. However, I hope these manufacturers keep in mind people’s hand’s and faces are only so big – please don’t make them too big. I can see a Fred Flintstone phone and tablets going to happen and this isn’t ideal at all in my view.

Fred Flintstone tablet from

Fred Flintstone tablet from

Fred Flintstone phone from

Fred Flintstone phone from


While reading the many articles I read, I found some suppliers of Apple’s equipment said there is going to be a smaller screen coming out in August and a larger screen coming in September. I found this in the Herald Sun’s article “Apple iPhone 6 release date set for August according to suppliers“.

August 6 2014 – Update:
There have been rumours that Apple’s new iPhone will be out in September and will have 2 different sized screens. This is based upon the Herald Sun’s Newspaper article “It’s bigger, better and, a report says, the iPhone 6 is coming on September 9


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