2014 New Gadgets

Earlier this year, there was a Consumer Electronics Show which showed off some of the new products companies have been working on.


My Fitbit

As you know, by previous posts, I love my gadgets. When I get a little bit of time, I sit here and play with whatever new gadget I was either given or went out and bought. This past Christmas I was fortunately enough to get a FitBit One. I wanted one of these, not because it seems to be the “in” thing or because it was easy for my husband to buy, but because I’ve been trying to figure out how many steps I do in a day, how many calories I’ve eat, and other things like that. Based upon the research I did about it, it seemed like this was “the” gadget for me for Christmas.

I have to admit its a good gadget but misses the marks from my expectations. I finally figured out how to get it semi close to counting how many steps I’ve done in a day (its getting closer but there’s about 10% missing) and if I exercise on my cross trainer instead of walking? Forget it – it gets way less than that. An example would be on my cross trainer I did 20 minutes at full pelt – I did 5 kilometers (as per the read out on the machine which is one that is found in gyms). However, the FitBit only showed about 1.2 kilometers in that time. Disappointed some may say, but annoyed is more like it for me. Further, I went to log in my food to keep track of it and guess what? It only does US and one other food type. I did log some of the foods, but it was asking me to tell it the information it needed but guess what? The packaging didn’t have it either (or it was thrown out). The water is good and it gives you encouraging badges for completing things. Now its the end of Feb 2014 and I’ve been using it for 2 months, so I think I’ve just about nutted it out – although, even when I’ve went in and checked the timezone to make sure it was correct (and it was) its still showing a Friday even though its Thursday and I can’t figure out how to change it.

Other Gadgets

Galaxy Gear

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear

Pine by Neptune

Pine by Neptune

The other gadgets that I’ve been looking at are the smart watches and communications with smartphones. These I think are interesting, but I can’t see them actually being up to their full potential as yet. Does anyone have any of these? How do you rate it? Better than you expected or worse? Some of the ones that were on display at the electronics show was the Samsung shows off the Galaxy Gear smart watch which is small and cute. It reminded me of the late 1980’s watch, but those had buttons either on the top or the sides. Pine, a smart watch by Neptune, looks like you are taking a smart phone and put it on a strap which goes around your wrist. In my opinion, way too big to look good.


Taken from the 360Fly website

Polaroid Socialmatic

Polaroid Socialmatic

Another gadget that’s new is the 360 Fly camera by VOXX Electronics records 360-degree video. I can see people like my brother in law who loves to take his little fish eye camera everywhere with him get this for when he does his bike rides. Interesting, but its not for me, but I can see sports persons using it. In keeping with the picture taking theme, the Polaroid Socialmatic instant digital camera is making its come back. I know that Polaroid was having a tough time in Rochester, NY with making ends meet, but I wonder if this has gone back to the beginnings or if they are just trying to grab the money they can? Another type of camera which was on display was the 36.3-megapixel full-frame Sony Alpha 7R digital camera and a Vario-Tessar 24-70mm lens. I know my husband, who loves his Canon’s, but would probably take this for a test spin. My husband takes pictures as an amateur but he’s been told by more than one person his photos could be ones of a professional because he’s that good.

There are many more types of gadgets listed, but I’ve just wanted to point out a few I thought myself and my husband would probably look forward to see what happens with them. I found the above gadgets in a CNN article which you can read or see the talked about gadgets or others like TV, white goods for the house, and many other things.


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