Apple’s Recent Security Flaw – for iPhones/iPads & OS X

Although I seem not to have been around, I have been keeping my eyes and ears out about goings on in the IT world.  This one gave me a start when I read about it – There is a security flaw for Apple products.

My iPhone update screen

My iPhone update screen

Some people might say why would that floor you? That wasn’t what floored me. The second and third parts – (second part) where they had released an update for iPhone’s and iPads but NOT the OS X  which has the same issues (updated: or it did until 25 Feb 2014 when there was an update issued) and (third part) was Apple’s explanation of “an attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS.”- now that FLOORED me. For what you pay for desktops and laptops, these should be checked and dealt with just as urgent as the mobile technology.

This flaw has apparently been out there for a bit and some of the programmers haven’t said much because they felt if they didn’t say anything, then hackers wouldn’t take advantage of it. I think of an elephant in a room and everyone sees it but no one mentions it. My question is: Is it still there? Yes, but it’s not being dealt with.

I can hear everyone out there now – both the Apple lovers and haters. The lovers will say something to the effect of there are always updates and this is one that went a bit wrong. The haters will say something to the effect of this is why I don’t use Apple products – and why should I pay all that money for this? Guess what? It happens to both Microsoft  (Windows and Android) AND Apple products. Nothing is completely secure and there are ways to get around everything. It was made and configured by people, and people make mistakes, so get over it and move on I say.

So, in the hopes of moving on, I advice anyone that has an Apple product, to go to a secure location and update your products now. How serious is this? Very unless you want people to help themselves to your information. I found an article which describes the problem and how serious it is and I would read it if I were you.

Please make sure ALL updates are done as soon as you can to protect everyone. 🙂 Think of it as a condom for your internet usage – surf wisely! *wink wink*



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