New – Tablet under $100

As many of my readers know, I’ve been posting a bit lately regarding tablets (see Considering New Gadgets, their Limitations and Operating Systems & Tablets for 2013) because I’m interested in updating my current gen 1 iPad. As I’m reading my daily articles that I read, I came across a new tablet called the UbiSlate 7Ci. Upon doing some research, I found an article from BGR and The Guardian, which states this tablet came about due to an educational program by the Indian government and then started to be commercially released within the UK and US. It’s from a UK firm and it selling at £29.99. Yep, that’s the price! And you can buy in the US. Here’s a bit about it. Note: The Datawind website says they are already sold out in the UK.

Ubislate 7Ci
Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
1GHz Cortex A8 chip (iPhone 3G & Samsung Galaxy S uses the same)
7in display
800 x 400 resolution touchscreen
4GB of storage
MicroSD slot (to expand to expand storage by up to 32GB)
Wifi Connectivity
Voice Calls available
Front Camera .3 MP VGA
Mini Jack USB
Audio Jack

The Verge has also done a run down on its specs if you want more information.

Many Games available
Office Suite Available

Be aware the next version of the device, dubbed the UbiSlate 7C+ and featuring 3G support will be released soon for £70.

From Yahoo Finance, they say the screen is a bit blurry and it isn’t the fastest tablet around, but if you want something to just do the basics then maybe you should check it out. Please see the video from Yahoo Finance as it would not let me post it here.

With all the tablet prices coming down, you wonder where Apple, Samsung and Microsoft will go next don’t you? At least there’s another choice if you are cash strapped too – if you can find one!
I want to wish all my readers & followers out there a very Happy Holidays! Please stay safe and have a wonderful season.
Our dog Buddy all ready for Santa

Our dog Buddy
all ready for Santa

I will be posting one more article for the year which will be between Christmas and the New Year.

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