Photo and Picture Apps I use

I’m going to admit – I’m not a good photographer at all. However, we all would like to take some pictures of things that happen in our world and share them with others. I’d like to share with you the apps I use on my Apple iPhone 4. I do use the free apps rather than paying for them, so keep that in mind!

Camera – this is the app that comes with the phone and IOS.

Apple's Camera App

Apple’s Camera App

Panorama 360 – This is a great app if you want to capture what is around you or around something. Here’s an example of me using 360 at Bathurst in 2012 which shows just what it looks like.

360 bathurst 2012

A flat picture of the 360 app

Flickr – I use this mainly for my social media uploading and tagging of people. Pretty easy to share on other social media areas as well.

Flickr app

What a set looks like in the Flickr App

Instagram – Like Flickr, I use this for social media uploading and tagging of people. I use this one mainly to follow and look at other people’s pictures.


My Pictures in the Instagram App

Flayvr – This is a new way to upload an album to social media without having to create one yourself as the app does it for you. You can easily switch things around and it even accesses your calendar and can put locations with the albums.

Flayvr app

Albums in the Flayvr App

Apps I’ve heard of but not tested

I’ve heard of the Vine app, but haven’t used it. What do you think of it? Is it worth using? According to this article, it might be worth downloading.

Also, this article has a few more apps I haven’t tried. Have you tried any of these?

What picture apps do you use? Are they only for social media or are they just for taking pictures?


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