Considering New Gadgets, their Limitations and Operating Systems

I’ve been out and about researching the New Gadgets that I mentioned in my previous post. This is due to Christmas being right around the corner and, I have to admit, I love my gadgets.

When I get a new gadget, or an app, I must have a reason for it. If I don’t, then I get more gadgets and find that I’ve spent money on things I won’t ever use again. Not very financially viable if I do say so myself! As tablets and computers have been getting smaller and compact, or in some cases have come about, then I’m looking more and more for the ideal technology that will suit everything I do. As I do a wide variety of things, this makes things challenging.

Within the last few weeks, I’ve been researching all the different types of tablet’s and other mini devices. I’ve now come down to liking the Windows 8 in a tablets, and the Apple iPad mini. At least I’ve narrowed it down based upon a few factors:

  • Price limits – I want them between $200-$300 dollar range. That’s the bit that’s hard to come by.
  • Weight – I don’t want to be carrying something that’s heavy. My iPad Gen 1 weighs Wi-Fi + 3G: 1.6 lb (730 g) and I want something less than that. Besides when I’m reading and fall asleep the less amount of weight to hit me in the nose the better.
  • WiFi vs WiFi +3G – I can do WiFi as my smart phone has the 3G section but it needs to be able to connect to it.
  • Size – I want something that’s between my iPad Gen 1 and my smart phone. The iPads are great for meetings, but I need something that I can fit into my purse that way I always have it with me, so if I ever need to stop to make notes, it’s there. Both the smart phone and iPad have pluses and minus on this one. It’s the Goldilocks and the 3 bears syndrome – smart phone is too small and the iPad is too big. I need the just right type of machine.
  • Camera – I would love one that first has one (again my iPad Gen 1 doesn’t have one) and one that has it on both sides so I can Video Conference AND take pictures.

Types of Windows Tablets

As I’ve recently read that Windows will be including the Windows suite with their tablets, it puts a bigger plus on getting the Windows Tablets. Besides, if I were to get another computer from a store (we usually build our own) it would have it on it or build a new one we get the newer OS to put on it after we build it which is now Windows 8.1. Lastly, some of the places I’m teaching are going to start to use Windows 8 for classes, so I better know what I’m doing before I walk into the classroom!

This being said, I’m considering the iPad Mini as well because how compact it is and I know how to use it and because of the apps I have at hand already.

Which Windows Tablets?

Now this is the part I’ve been struggling with. Below are the types I like, but don’t really fit all the objectives as you can see by the chart below. (Sorry for the confusion but when I published the chart disappeared)

2013 Nov Tablet Research

I will keep looking and hoping a tablet will come along.

I will keep using my new Skypix handheld scanner I received not that long ago.

What my new scanner looks like


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