Tablets for 2013

In the last few weeks major players in the tablet market have released their new tablets. I’ve been reading articles in many of the tech areas (Mashable and CNN are a few of the many places) on the new tablets. The new tablets are:

  • Apple
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Google’s Nexus

The New?

Apple’s iPad Air, basically its the same set out as prior versions; however, its lighter and slightly slimmer and faster.

Microsoft’s Surface 2, the set out in the software is better and its faster.

Nokia’s Lumia 2520, is the first tablet for them, so there’s nothing to compare it to other than the others that are out in the market.

Google’s Nexus 7, is said to be better than Apple’s iPad Mini going by the reviews.

The cost is about the same for all of them depending on which model you go with and are looking for in a tablet.

My choice – what I’m looking for in a new tablet

I actually don’t have a choice at this point in time. Why? I’m actually in the market for a new tablet because my old generation 1 iPad has an operating system which won’t be updated any longer by Apple. Not only that, but if I’m at a conference or meeting, I cannot take pictures to insert into my notes at all because the generation 1 iPad is the one without the camera. Because of these reasons why I’m looking at getting another tablet. I’ll still keep my generation 1 iPad, for everyday things around the house like reading, recipes, and a back up in case something happens to the tablet I do get.

Personally, I’m looking for something that is thin and light weight (anyone who’s picked up my purse while I have my iPad in there always comments and it has to fit into my purse!), but has the grunt that will handle notes for meetings, email, dropbox, pictures and sound, and a few other can’t live without apps. These are not very labour intensive items but what I need when I head back out into the workforce. Yes, most of these can be handled by the iPad, but do I really want something that’s seemly stalled in development? Is there a better way of doing things? Why did Apple have to change connectors for their items (this one REALLY ANNOYS ME)? Can any of the others do things better and faster than the iPad or are they still trying to play catch up? These are all the things that go through my mind over and over when I think about getting a new tablet.

I’ve been after a new phone as well, as I dropped my iPhone earlier this year and have been dealing with a crack across the screen. Why haven’t I upgraded? The same reasons as I’ve listed for the new tablets honestly. I have thought about getting the new iPhone, but I hate that its gotten BIGGER. I don’t want something bigger – the size of the iPhone was fine to me. I’ve then had to look at all the accessories I have to go with all the apple products and thought about having to buy new add ons because of the CONNECTOR differences and it annoys me. These are the two biggest reasons why I haven’t upgraded.

Until I have time to really sit down and think about the new tablet’s, I guess I’m in limbo. Calling out to readers – what are your recommendations and why? Do they fit all of what I want above? Leave me a message on your recommendation! I really want to know what you’d suggest and why.




Google’s Nexus

One thing I have noticed is how they have all copied each other with the format, colours, etc. Have you noticed that??


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