Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update

I have to admit, I’m always slower to update my OS because we all know Microsoft are just going to change it to make more money or to track what we do. This is one of the reasons I always hesitate to buy a new product. Why do we need the updated OS when the one I have right now works fine? Besides for what they charge for the full version they should give it to you in gold. When I bought my Windows 7 Ultimate, it cost me about $800 AUD. To me that’s a crazy amount to pay. We only purchased it because our Windows 2000 (yes we were that far back!) because it became so unstable. Then I had to run around and purchase the Office Suite as well which was even more money. Sorry I don’t have that type of money to go out and spend each time there’s a new OS update.Windows 8.1

That being said, Windows 8 has been out since August 2012. I’ve heard some people like to use it and others are very weary of it. I have to admit, I’m weary of it. Not because of the functions, but because it seems like its hard to do things unless you are on a tablet with it. I’ve actually talked to other IT people and they had bought a new computer with it, then reformatted the hard drive and put their old OS on it. Smart move I think, but now that the business world is getting Windows 8, we have to get used to dealing with it. However, there was so many things that was criticized they released 8.1, which was addressed some of the things that were criticized. If you want to know the differences you can read about them in the article from

Then when Windows 8.1 came out I heard that it was much better and it was easier to use. I know for a fact, we’re looking at it being installed in the computer at one of the computer labs where I teach. I’m not sure how it will go with not knowing the operating system, but I’m hopeful it won’t be too bad.

Windows 8.1 Update

However, now the update was done on the 17th October 2013 and it seems, from the things I’ve read, there are more problems. Chris Merriman writes an article and I’ve put some of the main topics are below. CNN’s Adrian Cover has done an article as well.

Tightly integrating Microsoft’s own services. This has to do with apps from searching for something online to having a call come in on Skype.

Cannot download anything from the Windows 8 Store – Now this would be pretty bad if people had to buy something from Windows in order to produce something for their work and couldn’t. Talk about downed productivity! Not smart Microsoft, if you want to keep your customer base.Windows 8.1 Start Screen

If your upgrading, your apps and programs will be wiped out, though Microsoft assures us that your personal data will be saved. Again not smart for business people needed things for work purposes. And again – Microsoft you must maintain your customer base or else you could have problems.

Windows 8 compatibility assistant – doesn’t work for some countries. You get “Windows 8 is not available in your country or region.” which is very helpful.

Start button is back but not where you are expecting it. From the look of the videos I’ve seen, the start button is on the right side of the screen.

Internet Explorer 11 is included with the new Windows 8.1 OS release. Also, because of the new IE, Outlook Web Access seems to be having problems, so if you are having problems, it might because of the update. Be aware those of you who are on older OS, this will be pushed out to you in a windows update in the upcoming months.

The Windows Store was a sea of blank tiles. That’s one way of no selling anything. In fact, I’ve read in a few articles to keep click on blank spaces and you have a chance of getting something that works.

Expansion of the “snap view” feature. this allows you to have multiple apps on the screen at the same time.

However there is a YouTube Video which shows some new features you may not know about in Windows 8.1. I know when I watched it, I felt like it was an Apple product – almost.

Further, I have to say, I’m not impressed. I hate things being on my desktop and will do almost anything to have things NOT there, so putting blocks of information all over the screen will really annoy me. I guess I live in hope that someone comes up with something which will keep my desktop looking uncluttered rather than these boxes all over it.

What do you think? Good? Bad? Don’t care?


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