How can we increasing traffic for Social Media, Blogs or Websites?

I believe trying to increase traffic to your websites has got to be one of the hardest things to do online. My traffic has increased somewhat but not as much as I have hoped. This is what got me to thinking – how can we get more exposure without it costing the earth? You do can this by “stealing” information and not giving credit where its due, which can only lead to heartbreak and lawsuits. However you can do it ethically by giving people credit where you quote them and their resources. In doing this, you will be given a higher respect of others. In my more advanced classes that I teach, I bring this topic up because its important to give credit where it is due.I'm Online picture

Let people know you are online. You can do this by many means – cross-post to social media types regarding new products or ideas to your business or what is on your site. I know with my blogs, I post them on Facebook, Twitter, my website, LinkedIn, each blog and other social media platforms. By doing this, if people like what they read, you will get more traffic and talked about what you are producing.

Use your social media follows and share or retweet or even quote a source and they will, in general, do the same for you. What this does, is not only get their content to your readers, but they will share your content with THEIR readers, which means a higher exposure.

Use your blog to post information and filtering articles and blog posts for similar content and, they, in turn usually will quote your information if its factual and what they need for their articles. You have seen me do this with my blog in using some information which has been quoted from others blogs which I’ve given them credit.

Focus on the Long Tail and using key terms in search areas will help when people are searching for content. Mashable recommend  “A great benefit of staying focused with long-tail key terms is that they usually convert better, as well. To help with this, I recommend a tool called HitTail, which drives targeted search visitors to your website by focusing on the most promising organic keywords in your existing traffic.’ I haven’t used this tool yet, but any tool that is there to help is great.

Stick Around and keep on posting. It takes awhile to get an online presence. It does not happen over night and you have to keep on working on it. Its like many things in life, you have to work at it for it

to be successful. The more posting and quality of content you do the higher the hits the search engines pick up and that, in turn, means more traffic coming your way. “Remember, starting a blog or churning out a bunch of articles is all fine and good, but keeping those activities going for years as opposed to months (or weeks) makes a huge difference.”

Optimize Your Articles. As we all are now more mobile with tablets and smartphones, we need to make sure whatever online presence we have can be seen with these devices and not just computers. As the use of these portable devices are continuing to grow, the desktop computers will decrease and you want to capture ALL the possible users you can and this includes people on the go, so its worth the time to sit back

Different Mobile devices

Make sure your online presence can be seen on mobile devices.

and make sure your presence can be seen on many platforms as possible. Further, to have your website or article seen by many, make sure the titles, descriptions, tags and keywords that you use accurately describe what is going on within each because these sections are the parts the search engines look for terms when people are searching and if these terms are wrong or misleading, then users won’t be able to find you. The easier you make it

for the keywords to build up and you will become known over time.

Don’t Forget About (Ethical) Link Building. Remember the links you build  from vendors, partners, press, clients, past school or university, and other sources with good notability that you have interaction with can be used to create traffic. Like I mentioned in another point above, by linking use you can have people find your site by the terms you are linking and

targeting with. If the referring source has a high-ranking page, your rankings usually follow.

Use Google’s Keyword Tool. As we know, Google is the highest ranked social media platform as of 2013, so by including their keyword tools of anytime will help the traffic to your sites increase. Recurrent users usually will help others find you, so this will help you to grow.

Provide Amazing Value to Your Readers. This one I have to acknowledge. If your blog or any other online presence does not have value to your readers, it’s just not going to go anywhere. I find that if I bring my personal experience into a post, then the readers will actually respond more than if I just sit back and talk in general about a topic. Its quality and personal experience that will give your site growth and respect. If the information isn’t that informative then people just won’t come back. I know everyone’s time in precious, so if people are going to take some of that precious time and spend it reading my blogs, then I’m going to make sure they get what they want which is interesting and detailed content.

Don’t Try to Outsmart Google. Remember Google is smart and don’t try to trick it by putting unrelated or wrong terminology for the end-user to search on. I have been on the end of this and it does nothing but make me annoyed and less likely to go back to your spot on the internet. If you want to lose users this the best way to do it.

Produce Quality Content. Content is why we read online articles, posts and blogs. Again, we have very little time to sit down and read, so make sure if you want to have loyal followers make sure its worth their time to stay and read at your place on the internet. I know on this blog, (and you know who you are!) I have had many comments about what a joy it is to finally have something of value to finally read instead of just people throwing words up against a topic or product. I have experience to put with the content which people want to read and increase their knowledge about.

SEO circle

Create a Company Blog to Increase SEO Traffic. If you are in control of your company’s blog, website and/or social media platform, this might be a way to put it in one spot and make sure the traffic can find and learn more about your company, the products and/or services. The more popular you use terms, which may industry specific, the higher your information will appear when searches are performed. These searches will lead people to your website. Remember to be careful with the text on your website because having too much text is just as bad as having too little. This is one area I have to fix with my current website. My About Me page on that website has heaps of writing and not enough other things. I am currently looking at adjusting how my About Me page looks and acts. I do have a section where my blogs appear; however, I’m find that its taking away from the overall look of the page, so I will have to redesign it. Some other useful tips are: “Use the blog to write about your niche, whether it’s construction, beauty or entertainment. Try to do keyword research to find out which phrases are trending in your industry and include them in the blog posts. As long as your blog has a highly visible link back to the main page of the website, the blog will increase your visibility.”

Leverage Industry Experts. If you are in an industry, chances are that you will know people who can contribute as guests to your blog. This will increase your visibility to another section of people if you are not currently hitting that part of users. I have actually seen this happen within writers of romance readers. The writers on Facebook post to join them at this date and time and another writer will be blogging about topics for the day. This causes normal people to sit up and take notice. It has helped them quite a bit to get other readers enjoying their writing. Personally, I haven’t done this to my blogs, but someone has approached me to do this which I hadn’t thought of at that point. I will take a look at this in the New Year, so watch this space!

JB Online Community Forum

Our Personal Forum/Community

Create a Community. I have to admit I’ve tried to do this, but not many people have taken me up on it. This is my tiny space on the internet and I want to hear from my readers. What do they want to hear? What to stay away from? This way I can get to know people out there that are my readers. Not only do bloggers, like myself, want to know their readers, but this will also increase our standing within the search engines and SEO traffic. Personally, up until I took a small course on website testing, where we talked about SEO traffic, I never even thought of it in regards to blogs, but I can see the usefulness of it. However, as a writer of a blog, I want to hear about what YOU (the reader) wants to hear from me!

So as you can see from the list above, there are many ways you can increase traffic to blogs, websites, and social media platforms. I guess the biggest standouts for me is just to keep at it. That, I have to admit, is the hardest part for me as I am so busy between teaching IT classes, meetings about teaching and funding, taking classes, blogging, and keeping myself in the IT loop as much as I possibly can. I have limited time forquestion with stickman each thing, but I’d rather take my time and do it right, rather than rushing and causing havoc which will decrease my overall online presence which means the world to me.

How do you think I’m doing with my online presence? What could I do more/less of? What other topics do you want to see here?

I really do want to hear from you – my readers as you take time out of your day to read this.


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