Its that time of the year again – What’s Apple going to release in 2013?

As we know, Apple usually announces new products towards the end of the year. That being said, within the next few days, it said to be the announcement. What’s it going to cover is the question. However, if all the reports are to be believed (and after the past few years, I can say mostly they can), then the following are going to be the changes. These I got from CNN Money.

1. New iPhone – We don’t know if its going to be numbered the 5S or 6, but if there’s a new iPhone the number is going to change either up or adding a character to the name.

2. A Cheaper Model – To me, this is the bigger of the rumours that are out there. Why? Well I finally broke my screen on my iPhone 4, and have to get a new one, but am hanging off because I want to use my same 30 pin connection. Apple I know you need to somehow bring in more money, but put the connection back! I’m really resistant to this change and it really annoys the *&(&^ out of me. Bring. Back. the. 30.Pin.Connection. Enough said.  Mashable, Tech news at and CNN Money all report this one.

3. Updated Operating System – No biggie really as this normally gets done around this time, so who cares?

4. New programming for Apple TV. Ok, so this interests me a tiny bit only because we have one in order watch movies on our TV without going to the dreaded rental place. That being said, we hardly ever watch it, so while this is interesting, so is watching grass grow – we know its there and that it’ll grow, but it depends upon how it’ll affect our lives – growing grass would have a bigger impact, I feel, as the dog has to go out and crap some place.

5. New partners that were holding out on deals. This is another ok, so who cares type of update. Not interested guys.

There are other changes according to the tech department at that adds:

6. Fingerprint scanner – this is nice but needed? Not really.

7. A gold iPhone – Seriously? Waste of time, energy and money people.

8. New iPad mini – Who cares? I don’t like them anyway.

9. New iPad – This one interested me (as I have a gen 1 iPad and am looking around), but the only real change, it seems is the design of the volume button (whoopeee) and the margin around the face of the ipad is shorter by less than 2 cm. Seriously? Come back when something important happens.

10. Applesmart watch – again, Whoopeee. Didn’t we already just have someone that came out with one of these?

I think what’s bigger is the fact that the there are reports that the iPhone 5 and 4s are to be discontinued are bigger news stories.

What really concerns me is where as all the innovation gone? Back when I blogged about Apple’s App Store turning 5, I asked the same question. I ask the same question whenever Apple goes to release a new product and it seems like they haven’t moved anywhere. Like I said, I’m in the market for a new iPhone because I love the product. That being said, the items I’ve seen come out of Apple are not worthy. I was hoping that this time we might actually get a real piece of new equipment that would be fantastic. However, if any of the above is what we have to look forward to, I’m going to be seriously disappointed.

Their are valid points being said by CNN Money :

  • “That Apple without Steve Jobs can no longer innovate.
  • That Apple’s products are over-engineered and overpriced, and that for most users, Android phones and tablets are good enough.
  • That Apple can’t compete in the world’s fastest growing smartphone markets: China, India, Brazil, the Philippines, Nigeria, etc.

Those are valid issues, and they deserve an answer.”

I completely agree! Please Tim Cook, can we have the answer soon?

Do you think the new Apple products will be great or the same oh hum we’ve been getting??


2 thoughts on “Its that time of the year again – What’s Apple going to release in 2013?

    • I try and balance my knowledge and back up what my experiences are by other websites as feedback. Sometimes balancing my knowledge with other knowledgeable sites is doable but difficult. I’m glad you liked the post.

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