Social Media – My View on – Social Bookmarking

What is Social Bookmarking?

This is probably the least known types of social media. This is where you have your favorites or bookmarks set up online or the proper definition is “a way through which you can store, tag and distribute links across the internet”. As we know, the internet never turns itself off, so your favorites or bookmarks are always available to you – if you are in Bangkok, Melbourne, New York, Alaska, Poland – anywhere!


These have been around since 1996 if you can believe it.  The first was itList and its features of included public and private bookmarks. I did try to check this application out, however, the link that is included in the article is just a blog that is much like this one you are reading but with one subject a post.

In 1997, NASA even made up a program called WebTagger. This included several advanced social bookmarking features including the ability to collaboratively share and organize bookmarks using a web-based interface, provide comments and organize them according to categories.

As you can see, it had a very basic interface. However, back in 1997, most things did have a basic interface. Three years after this presentation at the International WWW Conference, the online bookmarking services became really competitive within the IT field.

This is when the emergence of Backflip, Blink, Clip2, ClickMarks, HotLinks came online. However, unlike many of the other social media, this didn’t, and still doesn’t in my opinion, gain much knowledge outside of the IT field. Most of these didn’t survive once the IT bubble burst that occurred during 1997-2000.

Then in 2003, tagging started to come about on social media. This is when Delicious (then called established tagging in social booDeliciouskmarking. Others don’t know the name, but they do know what others are talking about when they see the logo (see picture).  This started up another round of social bookmarking services for people to access.

Types of Social Bookmarking Services

Like I said above, there are now many social bookmarking services out there. Some have stopped over the years, but others are still going. See a small list I’ve gathered below.















And now other social media services include tagging within the services they offer. However, tagging with social bookmarking services is just one of the separate additions that social bookmarking has. There are many, many more out there to do social bookmarking services – it’s just finding the one that you want to use, if you do indeed, want to use one.

There has been a different type of bookmarking emerge due to some social bookmarking services failing as evidence by the comments above. These are to do with the news services. As I’ve classified these as a different type of social media, Social News, I will discuss these options then.

My use

My use of the social bookmarking is a bit lagging. Do I use one of these services? Yes, I’ve had a delicious account for about a year now. However, as I mostly, visit most of the same sites, I don’t visit my delicious account as I should.

Jo Delicious Page

That being said, I am finding that I can see the use of it. I am the family researcher, and I can see that I will be needing access to various sites that I visit. However, as these are so vast and I don’t visit them directly (usually I’m looking for information and bounce from one website to another looking for the information that I need) that I’m finding that I am constantly bookmarking places I’ve been. My family research is starting to slow down enough to the point where I’m going to have to go visiting places in person rather than just computer work. Because I will not be at my desk, I will still need access to the bookmarks and favorites to do online research while out looking for information. Delicious, or any of the social bookmarking services, will be helpful with keeping me connected to information I will need. This is where these services will come in handy for people.

That being said, libraries are now starting to use this service as well. When you log into the library system, you can do searches on books, CDs, DVDs, and other resources they have available. I do use these services and this software. The software’s still pretty new, but it is very useful.  It’s useful because you can even save the resources you want to lists, order them online, and place them on hold. That way if you are at home, in the library or any place else, you have the libraries resources available to you.


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