Translating Translator – from DOC to PDF

In the past 10 years, its become more common place for people to use PDF’s for paperwork. There are ways you can make them online and software you install on your computer and then print it like pdf995, which is what I use.

However, this morning upon my many travels around the internet, I found that there’s a new browser toolbar add-on called Image which, when installed, will allow you to do a range of functions on documents. From one of the advertisements I’ve found the following:


The thing that attracted me, is that as I am active in genealogy, this would be a great thing to use if you are trying to translate documents. For instance, my husband last weekend was trying to copy information from a PDF to a translator so he could read it as it was in French. However, he couldn’t do this because the PDF had been locked. However, now that I’ve sourced this add-on, it might be helpful to him. Further, I’ve actually translated 2 documents using this software. One document was a 3 page menu in Polish and American from PDF to Word and another was over 150 page employment agreement and both of these were handled perfectly.

The downside, as with everything, is that with programs like this becoming more and more available, people are even more leery regarding contracts and other important paperwork being sent electronically, because then you could amend the document and if the change is small enough, unless you sat there reading all documents, you would never pick up on it. Then if the documentation has to be used in the courts or some other litigation, then there would be a definite risk to your or your company’s liability.

If you are interested in adding this add-on, it can be found on their website. For the limited time, it is FREE. Yes, not too much in life is free, but this is, so go in and grab it today!

Let me know: Have you used this add-on before? Did you like this or why didn’t you like it? I’m interested in what everyone has to say!


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